A puzzle game - with bits stored on pretend magnetic stripes.

A puzzle game so retro, we simulated a drop shadow on the fake LCD graphics!

In third grade, every kid gets their own MAGnetic Interactive Explorer (“MAGiE”). They swipe cards through it to hand in homework, send messages to teachers and friends, and if the machine can’t decode the bits from the card, then they have to do it.

You’ll help solve puzzles by Decoding and Encoding words and phrases stored as bits on imaginary magnetic stripes (“mag-stripes”).

To solve a Decode puzzle, figure out what the bits represent and type it into the keyboard. To solve an Encode puzzle, figure out the answer and then enter the on-bits and off-bits that encode the answer.

There are lots of helps to get you started.

  • Automatic decoding will show you what you have encoded even if it is not correct.
  • Colored bits will tell you where the bits of your answer differ from the bits of the correct answer.

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